He asked her to tell him a secret,

So she told him a lie,

Because she didn’t want the boy she loved

To know how much she cried.

He asked her to tell him her fears,

So she told him a lie,

Because she didn’t want the boy she loved

To know that she feared love. 

Stop thinking about him at 3 a.m.

The way his voice said your name

The way his fingers tangled with yours

The way his fingertips brushed your skin

The look in his eyes when he leaned into you

The way he exhaled when your lips brushed his neck

The way he held you tight

Just close your eyes and forget everything

And go to sleep

You were my hero

You were able to do anything

You were a star in my eyes

You were making me happy

You changed

Now you disappoint me

Now you break my heart

Now you worry me

Now you lost my trust

Now you are different

I see you for how she saw you

When the split occurred

I don’t see you the same way


One day of the year

When people are more loving

When everything feels more special

When new sparks are found

One day of the year

Where the lonely are lonelier

When longing feels like forever

When past heartbreaks feel more painful

One day of the year

That should affect everyday

That shouldn’t be different from the rest

That should be just the same

What really is Valentines Day?

What’s it like?

Being in love

Is your heart supposed to beat faster?

Do your hands suddenly sweat?

Does your face get hot?

Is your stomach supposed to flutter?

I wouldn’t know

Because the last time I felt that way

It didn’t end in love

But in brokenness

What happened?

What separated us?

What made you drift away?

I fell for you

I dreamed about you

I enjoyed being close to you

Then we fought

Then we became distanced

Then we didn’t speak as much

They said you still liked me

They said you still had feelings for me

They said I should talk to you

So I talked to you

So I tried to mend us

So I tried to make everything back to normal

We weren’t the same

We couldn’t change what had happened

We looked at each other and didn’t know

You were more distant

You decided you had waited too long

You decided it would be best to forget what we had

What did I do wrong?

I made you wait too long to work up the courage to show you how I felt

Then I distanced myself to figure my feelings out

They said you couldn’t wait much longer

So I finally tried to see you because I finally knew my heart

We had grown too far apart for things to be the same

You had already decided to move on

And so I was too late

I took too long

Sneezing as soon

As you step outside

Pollen floating

In the open air

Rubbing your eyes

To chase the itch

Clearing your sore

Itchy throat

Springtime brings

All of these things

Constantly staying

Until the flowers fall

Hearts keep beating

When attraction hits

Leaving a throb

In your chest

Spring is like 

A new found crush

Finally blooming

Constant and going

Until the flowers fall

And the heart breaks

is this how it feels

when you stay awake thinking

thinking about this one person

and you imagine things that would never happen

but thinking about this one person

makes you happy

is this how it feels

when you’re in love?

When he always makes excuses

When he looks away

When he shoves his hands in his pockets

When he distances himself

When he says he’s too busy

When he doesn’t recognize you 

When he forgets you

When he isn’t the same

Let him go.

When he holds you tight

When he holds your hand to his chest

When he looks deep in your eyes

When you’re his first thought

When his hugs linger

When he does his best

When he drops everything

When he is your best friend

Don’t let him go.

What I miss the most is his smile

His smile got me through each long day

I felt his smile through each kiss

His smile was my goal.

What I miss the most are his hands

His hands held mine tight

I felt them warm my cold fingers

His hands were my warmth.

What I miss the most is his voice

His voice was deep and soft

I could hear it through the phone every night

His voice was my lullaby.

What I miss the most is his chest

His chest was strong and warm

I fit perfectly to him

His chest was my security.

What I miss the most is his eyes

His eyes always looked at me with love

I felt them in my own

His eyes guarded me.

What I miss the most are his tears

His tears he only showed to me

I could wipe them away with my fingers

His tears were my weakness.

What I miss the most are his feelings

His feelings were so strong at first

I always felt them surrounding me

His feelings are what hurt me.