Let’s go on an adventure,

Wrap your arms around my waist.

Let’s go on an adventure,

Kiss my neck and have a taste.

Let’s sneak out and run away,

Tangle our fingers together.

Let’s sneak out and run away,

Keep me warm in your sweater.

Let’s dance under the stars,

Pull me tight against your chest.

Let’s dance under the stars,

Your eyes keep me under arrest.

Let’s never let go,

Run your arms down my back

Let’s never let go,

Make me gasp in the pitch black.

Anonymous Asked:I know you write romance stuff, and so I was wondering how you felt about the stuff going on about fifty shades of grey? I see a lot of people saying different things about how what the two characters have isn't really love but rape. How do you feel about it?


What a coincidence that you have sent me this ask, anon! With the trailer that came out, I started hearing a lot of different things about it just like you did. Some people I knew were very excited, while others were absolutely horrified and angry about it. Unfortunately, I had not read the book yet. I did some research on opinions about it yesterday evening, and saw many people posting about how it was a story about rape. This brought a lot of thought to me, because I thought it would be a bad choice and very extreme for the movie industry to make a movie out of something as controversial as rape. So after reading the opinions, I decided to get the book for myself and read it, instead of following all the opinions of all the established haters. I actually just finished the book tonight and was quite impressed. I was also disappointed in myself for deciding to dislike it before, based off of the opinions of others. I think people just like to hate things based on what they hear, rather than experiencing it for themselves. I felt that E.L. James wrote the story very well. I enjoyed the writing style a lot, and her use of changing up the style to suit the emotions of the characters. The story was great too. Of course bondage and sex are touchy subjects for some people, but it was absolutely well-written. I am actually writing a book review for Fifty Shades of Grey, so please stay tuned on more of my feelings on the book and of how I felt about other people’s opinions. Thank you!

My writing blog followers, stay tuned for one of my first book reviews!

He asked her to tell him a secret,

So she told him a lie,

Because she didn’t want the boy she loved

To know how much she cried.

He asked her to tell him her fears,

So she told him a lie,

Because she didn’t want the boy she loved

To know that she feared love. 

Do you remember the day you placed that single flower in my hand? The yellow one with the one missing petal? I remember. You had a big smile stretching from ear to ear. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much that day. Sometimes I think I can still feel the warmth on my fingertips from you holding my hand. Sometimes I still dream about the twinkle in your eyes. Do you remember the small moments? I only ask if you remember because I still have the flower. The yellow isn’t as bright as it was that day, but the petals are still there. The whole is now brittle and fragile, just like my memories of us. One touch could crumple the flower. I keep that once yellow flower pressed between the pages of the book I was reading when we met. 

Stop thinking about him at 3 a.m.

The way his voice said your name

The way his fingers tangled with yours

The way his fingertips brushed your skin

The look in his eyes when he leaned into you

The way he exhaled when your lips brushed his neck

The way he held you tight

Just close your eyes and forget everything

And go to sleep

Anonymous Asked:Yess keep your readers updated!!! Love it <3 I will definitely buy your book if it gets published. You are such an incredible writer!


Thank you so very much! Like I said, I absolutely love supporting readers like you! I’m working hard and also have another short coming at the end of this week :) Remember, I love getting ideas from my readers for potential other stories, so feel free to give me anything!

Anonymous Asked:are you going to release your long story on your writing blog soon?


It’s actually at about 70 pages right now, so I think it may be a bit too long to post on tumblr. I’m just focusing on finishing it and maybe sending it to the editor that my uncle uses (my uncle has written and published a couple books. I recommend one called Cry Korea Cry) to see if the book has a chance! I may post some previews though! If publishing doesn’t work out though, I may just go with one of those other writing sites where I can just post chapter by chapter! I’ll keep updating though :)

Anonymous Asked:Your stories are the best! my favorite is the times i've fell. keep on writing you're amazing at it!


Thank you so much! “The Times I’ve Fell” is actually also one of my favorites I’ve written just because I got to write from more personal experience. It’s gotten me a lot of mixed reviews though so positive ones are always great! I’m going to start working on another short for this week so stick around! Love you!

Anonymous Asked:when are you going to write more? i love reading your stories/poems they are so realistic and relateable


I haven’t written a short story in a while because I’ve been working on a longer story! I have had a short story idea lingering in my head for a while though, so maybe I’ll have it up by the end of this coming week :) Stay tuned. But thank you so much for telling me this! Not many people have read my stories since I was in a writing class in high school, so it always makes me extremely happy when people suddenly write to me! I also really like when people send me ideas of what they’d like me to write about because it helps me to expand my writing, so if you have any ideas, PLEASE let me know! The stories "Leap" and "Strums" (both linked if you click on the titles) were both stories that other people gave me ideas for!

You were my hero

You were able to do anything

You were a star in my eyes

You were making me happy

You changed

Now you disappoint me

Now you break my heart

Now you worry me

Now you lost my trust

Now you are different

I see you for how she saw you

When the split occurred

I don’t see you the same way